Baptistry gate

The New York Province Health Care Center at Murray-Weigel Hall

Companionship, Competence and Compassion

Many of the Jesuit residents at Murray-Weigel Hall joined the Jesuits when they were still teenagers. They have known each other for forty, fifty or even sixty years. Their companionship now in their later years is a comfort to them. Those with whom and to whom they ministered are frequent visitors who bring with them fond memories and warm friendship.

Whether Jesuits are long-term residents or just recuperating for a while before returning home, they all discover at Murray-Weigel Hall a level of medical, physical, emotional and spiritual care that is very professional. Through the kind generosity of Province benefactors, the Center can provide the therapeutic facilities needed for health and comfort. The adjacent campus of Fordham University affords beautiful and ample grounds for walking as well as the very valuable resource of a university library.

A significant dimension of the high quality care available to Jesuits at the New York Province Health Care Center is the spiritual direction and counseling provided by different staff members and visiting priests.

The professional staff of the Health Care Center consists of doctors, nurses and therapists of the highest caliber. Dr. Jacqueline Perez is the full time Province Assistant for healthcare. She serves as a liaison to the brothers and priests of the Province. Trained staff and generous volunteers help ensure twenty- four hour-a-day patient care.

   Fr. Thomas Smith, S.J., Superior

Fr. Thomas Marciniak, S.J., Executive Director

   Dr. Jacqueline Perez, MD, Province Health Care Coordinator

[Photos: Fr. Richard Grogan, SJ]