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Micronesia Video Series

In Jesuits in Micronesia, you will meet many of the Jesuits who are serving God’s people throughout the many islands in the Pacific in various capacities.  You will learn about the long history and faith-filled traditions linking the people in Micronesia to the Jesuits and visit some of our works and apostolates in the region.

An Introduction to the Jesuits of Micronesia

In Jesuits in Micronesia: An Introduction, you will learn about the history of the New York Province Jesuits in Micronesia and hear an overview of our work today.

Micronesia Episode 1: Faith & Spirituality in Action

In Faith & Spirituality in Action: Episode One, you will meet some of the Jesuits who are serving in the parishes and schools on the islands of Yap and Chuuk.

Micronesia Episode 2: Jesuits in Formation

In Jesuits in Formation: Episode Two, you will hear two Jesuit novices who are working at Yap Catholic High School and Xavier High School on Chuuk discuss their faith and experiences.

Micronesia Episode 3: Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders

In Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders: Episode Three, you will meet Jesuits and their lay collaborators who are preparing a new site for Yap Catholic High School and those who are preparing young women and women to serve others at Xavier High School. You will also hear from Jesuits who work at some of the parishes in the region and who provide spiritual guidance and the sacraments.

Episode 4: Jesuits in Service

In Jesuits in Service: Episode Four, you will meet a number of Jesuits who have spent a considerable portion of their lives serving the people of Saipan, Guam, Pohnpei and the Caroline Islands.

Episode 5: Transformation & A New Beginning

In Transformation: Episode Five, you will learn about the growth of Xavier High School on Chuuk, the new vision for Yap Catholic High School and the growth in the presence of Jesuits in the region.

Additional Resources:

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